Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My Birthday + Hustling for pennies

My birthday was yesterday and I did what I do everyday: take care of babies. I used to get sad on my birthdays, they always felt like a disappointment. Now I treat it like any other day and it's fine, I don't mind not celebrating.

I'm still trying to do a little bit each day to make some money online. If I feel like writing an article for Associated Content, I'll try to write. If I don't want to do that I'll update a Squidoo lens. If I want to just do some somewhat mindless work I'll do some HITs on Amazon Mechanical Turk (which is oddly addicting). There are still other things I could be working on but that's what I've been up to lately.

I am expecting to see this pay off eventually; maybe not in the near future but some time. I think of it like planting seeds the payoff doesn't have to be instant. At least a few of these seeds should grow into some residual income. The real goal is to not have to work and still make some money.

I'm still learning a lot though. There is plenty to improve in my writing and marketing skills and I'm learning as I go along.