Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Stuff I tell myself I don't need but still want to buy

I've changed my attitude about money and about material objects. I used to buy things I couldn't afford and many of the higher priced items I am still paying interest on. I am learning the value delayed gratification but it hasn't stopped me from wanting stuff. Still, I want to keep my energy open to having the things I desire so I'm making a list of items I want but refuse to buy now.

* An iphone. I pretty much love all things apple but I can't justify the monthly charges. I'm holding out on any ipod (and I've always wanted one) until I get...

* A new computer. I definitely don't need a new computer because there are multiple computers in the house including my own laptop but my ibook is seven years old and I want a new computer all to myself.

* A wii. It looks like fun but with two children under two I doubt I'll have much time for games. I won't buy any type of game system until I have my own home anyway.

My list is longer than this. I'll add on more as I think of it.