Friday, April 25, 2008

A moment of gratitude

Everyday, I try to list at least five things I am grateful for but this list isn't taking place real-time. I noticed today that as I am going about my daily routine, I am not taking notice of what I should be grateful for moment-to-moment. Fortunately, earlier this evening I had such a moment when I was fully present and grateful for the experience.

I was having a difficult time getting my daughter to go to sleep. She wouldn't stay in her crib and while in the bed with me she was squirming all over the place, banging on the walls, and playing patty cake on my back. I was annoyed and I just wanted her to sleep. Then, she tumbled over me from the back, snuggled up against me and closed her eyes. It was at that moment that I realized how lucky I am to have her and to be able to hold her as she falls asleep. I noticed how perfect her little chubby hands were and I remembered just what a miracle and a blessing she is.

This shift in attitude was such a shock to me. It felt so nice just to appreciate what was happening as it was happening. It just made me think of how much of the day goes by without me even noticing how blessed I really am.